HS Lyrics

Letterings for a campaign by Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest daily newspaper in Finland. Coloring and animation by Brink Helsinki.


Illustrated tram for a Finnish food industry company to celebrate their 60th year. Done under hasan & partners.

Brooklyn Brewery

Illustration for an international beverage brand. Art direction by hasan & partners and photo retouching by Koski Syväri.


Illustration for a Finnish telecom operator.
Team work under Studio Pinata.


Illustration for a Finnish animation studio.


Various illustrations for a Finnish IT company.


Illustrations for a Finnish IT and digital design company.


Illustrations for Veikkaus – the Finnish national lottery and gaming company.

Wiitta Oy

Illustration for a company working with eco-plastics.


Storyboards for a film advertisement.

Kurko Long Drink

Label illustration for a Finnish long drink brand.

Divine Consultants

Concept art for a Finnish mini-serie animation.


Area branding proposal for The City of Espoo.

Team work under Berry Creative.

Misc illustrations

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