Hank Solo – Mistä Loma Loma?

Lyric music video for a Finnish hip hop artist.

Veikkaus – Kotimaisen elokuvan alkutunniste

Original concept for a film for Veikkaus and The Finnish Film Foundation. Veikkaus supports Finnish arts & culture for over 200 million euros annually, including films. Made by Koski Syväri.

Veikkaus – Brand Attributes

Animation about the brand attributes of Veikkaus – the Finnish national lottery and gaming company.

Veikkaus – Gambling Limits

Animation for a Veikkaus about their gambling limits (excluding part 1.45-1.52).


Illustration and animation for a Finnish invoicing company.

Klask – Road To World Cup

Animation for a Danish board game about it's world cup.

Keko Salata – Päätepysäkin Taa

Music video animation for a Finnish hip hop artist.

May Day

An animation promoting Aalto University's graphic design spring exhibition. Together with Antti Kyrö.

Body Type

An animation combining letters with b-boy moves.

Benjon – Immaterial Property Rights

Stop motion animation for Benjon, a Finnish law firm that specializes in immaterial rights. Together with Martin Martonen.


GIF-animation for Loop De Loop – a monthly

animation challenge based in Melbourne, Australia.

Fast Food Last Food

GIF-animation about the disadvantages of fast food. Based on an award-winning poster from my exchange year in Poland.


Personal project.

Record Mania

Personal project.

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